Great Lakes Gabriel Project

"Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these
my least brethren, you did it to me"
Matthew (25:40)


Terri went out-of-state thinking “No one will know.”

I was referred to the Gabriel Project by a lady whom I had worked with for only a brief period of time. Already raising two children alone, I'd discovered that once again I was expecting. Another consequence of a bad decision. I knew that the child in itself was not a mistake, but I honestly didn't believe that I could endure another pregnancy, another fatherless child. How could I, a mother who'd made so many wrong decisions in her lifetime give this child anything of value. How could I teach him or her to be something that I didn't even believe that I could be. How could I as a woman teach a man to be a man. Or how could I give a little girl self-confidence that should come from the protection and love a father? And how could I possibly provide for another child when I was 2 months behind in rent and could barely keep my gas and lights on?

And even in my own selfishness I didn't want to be looked down upon for already having two children and being pregnant again....without a husband. After considering all these things, I'd decided that I would get an abortion and that everything would go back to normal. Or at least I could continue to work on pulling myself out of this financial hole that I'd dug seeing as how another baby would seemingly make things even tougher than they already were.

Well even after making an appointment to have the abortion, I decided to call the Gabriel Project. It was then that I talked to the Gabriel Project volunteer and she helped me to realize that my child was a gift and not a curse. And not only did she give words of encouragement, but I was amazed at how she and the Project Gabriel "angels" were willing to go the extra mile for me just for choosing life. At a time when I'd allowed my emotions to throw me totally off track, through the prayers and support of Project Gabriel, I was able to look at life from a different perspective and once again I have hope for my future.

So now I've asked God to help me to see myself the way that He sees me and to help me to realize that the things in my past don't necessarily define who I really am. I've made it a goal to make better decisions, and even though things are still a little tough right now, I believe that as I train myself to make right decisions that things can only get better.

Thanks Project Gabriel!


Esther chooses Life with the support of the Project

The Gabriel Project has been a God Send! The Gabriel phone volunteer and the Gabriel Angels provided the confirmation I needed to carry out the plan that God had (the Gift of Life). The compassion that I have received is the kind of compassion that Christ would have us to show one towards another! I am so blessed to have met the people that I have, and I will forever be thankful for their support.


Pro-life sign changes a woman’s life, saves a baby’s life

(Below are excerpts from a true story by Sean Gallagher, printed in The Criterion, the Catholic paper of the Indianapolis Archdiocese on October 14, 2005. The sign referred to was a Gabriel sign with a toll-free number.)

Although her religious upbringing told her that abortion was murder, other factors, including the fact that the child was the product of a sexual assault, led her to consider it as a viable option. “That was the only thing that made me feel like maybe I didn’t need to have this child because I did not have a connection to that person,” she said. “My other two children have a loving father that they’re connected to. How can I bring a child into this situation when my other two children have this loving father and [he or she] doesn’t have that?”

“I was really shameful about even going in there in the first place,” she said. “I was in a battle in there. I was tormented. I came out, and went and got something to eat [then] came back. It was emotional stress, especially when you know it’s wrong.”

“That sign saved my life,” she said. “It saved not only my life, but the life of this baby, this child, this soul that God has ownership over, because he is the one that created this life. I didn’t have a right to take it away.”


*Names have been changed.

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